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Venessa Grigorladis sucks !! 
12:00am 01/05/2005
  yeah so she wrote the article on weezer for rolling stone this month. they're on the cover :) yeah but that girl totally blows. she made rivers seem all evil. that everybody hates him. she probably doesnt even like weezer. why did they pick her to write it. i'm pretty sure he just didnt like rivers cuz she's one of those stuck up preppy chicks. just cuz he's quiet. the biotch. yeah i am very pissed about this. didnt even really say good stuff about the new album. what a @@$%.  

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05:50pm 28/01/2003
  Lots of new Laundromatic auctions, all under $7.

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i said, "i must be fine, 'cause my heart's still beating"... 
06:34pm 07/07/2002
mood: proud

ah, thank you meli. i remember those =w= signs too. they made them for the first time in my living room, killing the electricity for the entire neighborhood, haha! [that was a joke. there is no neighborhood. just squirrels. and hobos.]

meli was rivers' pride & joy. he loved to count her toes [she had six on her left foot and four on her right... she later had surgery to fix it.] & teaching her how to write music with her emotions as their guide [i know one day she'll follow in her father's footsteps & become a big emo star.]

i'm tired now. so i'm gonna stop.


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02:52pm 06/07/2002
  yes,that was a hard time for my siblings and i. as a teen,i used to love going into the garage and hang out with the weezer boys when mommy and daddy would go out for the day. they were great. after the blue album was a major hit,i hardly saw them anymore. they used new-fangled studios and the garage would have been practically abandoned if it wasnt for me and my siblings taking care of it. ocassionally i would go on tour with them to local cities. they gave me the job of making sure all the amps were on before the curtain raised. oh i can remember it so well,the making of the famous =w= they hung up on stage at every show. sigh. when a bulb would blow,they'd always let me keep the old one. i had a whole collection of blown light bulbs from their =w= under my bed.
those were really the only times i got to spend with daddy and the weezer boys,since they toured so much.

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i'd buy you lemonade right now, if you were here... then i'd throw it in your face, and i'd listen to you cry! 
11:32am 06/07/2002
mood: sad

as i was saying... rivers was in love with someone else. or at least using her for sex. he didn't even admit it to me, it was only when i found a love letter written in some scrawled kana-like-stuff that was SUPPOSED to look japanese. i was pissed.

since i had been a japanese student in my schooling years, i knew damned well that some half-japanese girl was trying to steal the affections of the one man in my life who meant anything.

it was time for me to lay down the rules of the forest.

when rivers returned from touring for his blue album [he called infrequently, but wrote often, always on extremely girly stationary that reminded me of something i'd get at the local asian import store... you know, the type with happy little frolicking & dancing koalas playing games and harassing small children.] i confronted him about the love letter. he assured me it was his desperate attempt at learning the language, disregarding the fact it had black lipstick lipmarks on it. "damn him, damn that gothy half-japanese girl..." i distinctly remembered muttering.

it didn't take much therapy for me to forgive my beloved rivers for lying to me. he's just too sexy to not forgive. mmm. rivers sex.


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daddy :( 
12:10am 06/07/2002
  yes,as mommy said,daddy left us for those weezer boys :[ we cried and were very sad because we missed having him around the house,with his kickass black glasses,and loud guitar playing in the middle of the night. i loved those glasses,still do =] he still visited ocassionally..when he'd come in the door all of us would jump on him. it was like a riot,and he was a policeman... he'd always come into my room,and i'd show him new things about johnny and alice,my best friends,the pet rocks...

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08:16pm 05/07/2002
mood: busy
I am also a daughter of some sort. The older smarter one I guess? Well I am known as Babby, Ashley, Ash, even Babz. I guess I may be able to tell you my past, although I dont want people to know my life, it is none of there buisness but Okay then.

I can remember it like yesterday, I was 7 and I wanted a puppy. But my mom wouldnt let me get one. But I went against her wishes and bought one myself. I had to think of a name, mom would be pissed so I was walking in the woods with her (the dog) and she kept peeing, non stop. So I ended up naming the poor thing Piddler. Yes she pee'd in my house, its like she never would stop. So mom got rid of her and she was my best friend. I was so pissed I locked myself in my room for a year. I was 8 when I first saw my family again. I was a living mess, come to find out Piddler was hit by a car and brought herself home and died outside the front door. I felt so bad I ran away this time. Only I came home the next day.

Then at 13 I hated school so I made a strike sign saying "school sucks some major cock". I was quit an honest person but even then I knew a school didnt have a mouth and couldnt suck cock. So I lied, and said it anyway. The principle came out and started laughing at me. He then went into his office and called the rape police saying I was raping him. So in all actuality I guess school does suck some major cock.

I'm 17 now and Have more to tell, Just no time and what not.


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i hate my prozac... why don't they give me crack? 
12:21pm 05/07/2002
mood: depressed reminscient

i see meli has told you a bit about her childhood, but i shall tell you a bit about what happened before she came out of the caves by the lake waddling about with a squirrel.

rivers & i were a happy young couple, very deeply in love, and poor. weezer was pre-fanbase... and as meli said, we lived deep in the heart of kansas, frolicking in the forests, making love in front of forest animals. it was as if everyday was our first date, and we were on our own personal island in the sun... we were wasting days, downing ways... and it was just the thought of him in love with someone else.

shortly after our two months of fun, my dearest love, rivers, left on tour with them weezer boys, in support of their blue album. a week after he left, i realized..

i'll add more later.


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01:53am 05/07/2002
  hello. i am meli. the daughter. here i will share with you a little about my healthy childhood.. *snort*

deep in the forests of kansas,there was a little cottage,just enough to fit our nice family,with a little lake nearby. my siblings and i loved to go in that lake and catch hermit crabs that we would paint,and sell at the market with mama. those were the days..
when i was 5 i got a pet rock for my birthday. i loved that pet rock to death.. i made a little bed for him next to my other pet rock johnny's bed. its name was alice,after johnny's child (it was a pet rock too,shortly after it's birth it died,we buried it under the ol' apple tree next to the outhouse)
now for my 11th birthday,i got a flag,and it just wasnt any ol' flag,it was a flag with an R on it!!! they meant to get me an m for melissa..but the printer screwed it up and it came out as a little demented R,but i still loved it for it's....defects. thats what made it special to me. you know what i did with that flag? i hung it right in the outhouse! so whenever i felt the need to go,i would always have something happy to look at.. shortly after,our outhouse collapsed,and not a trace of my flag was found.. sure i was mad,and even sad,but i got over it with the help of my best friends alice and johnny. they helped me through so much dissapointments and troubling times.


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i'm so tall, can't get over me, i'm so low, can't get under me... 
10:05pm 04/07/2002
mood: geeky

uh. hello.
i am allie.
most people here call me mom.
or they call me allie.
or they call me dawli.
or they don't call me anything at all.

this community is all as it is with special thanks to the ever rocking babby & the ever-more-rocking original daughter of mine, melissa.
hopefully others shall follow suit & join.

until then.


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