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i hate my prozac... why don't they give me crack?

i see meli has told you a bit about her childhood, but i shall tell you a bit about what happened before she came out of the caves by the lake waddling about with a squirrel.

rivers & i were a happy young couple, very deeply in love, and poor. weezer was pre-fanbase... and as meli said, we lived deep in the heart of kansas, frolicking in the forests, making love in front of forest animals. it was as if everyday was our first date, and we were on our own personal island in the sun... we were wasting days, downing ways... and it was just the thought of him in love with someone else.

shortly after our two months of fun, my dearest love, rivers, left on tour with them weezer boys, in support of their blue album. a week after he left, i realized..

i'll add more later.

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