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I am also a daughter of some sort. The older smarter one I guess? Well I am known as Babby, Ashley, Ash, even Babz. I guess I may be able to tell you my past, although I dont want people to know my life, it is none of there buisness but Okay then.

I can remember it like yesterday, I was 7 and I wanted a puppy. But my mom wouldnt let me get one. But I went against her wishes and bought one myself. I had to think of a name, mom would be pissed so I was walking in the woods with her (the dog) and she kept peeing, non stop. So I ended up naming the poor thing Piddler. Yes she pee'd in my house, its like she never would stop. So mom got rid of her and she was my best friend. I was so pissed I locked myself in my room for a year. I was 8 when I first saw my family again. I was a living mess, come to find out Piddler was hit by a car and brought herself home and died outside the front door. I felt so bad I ran away this time. Only I came home the next day.

Then at 13 I hated school so I made a strike sign saying "school sucks some major cock". I was quit an honest person but even then I knew a school didnt have a mouth and couldnt suck cock. So I lied, and said it anyway. The principle came out and started laughing at me. He then went into his office and called the rape police saying I was raping him. So in all actuality I guess school does suck some major cock.

I'm 17 now and Have more to tell, Just no time and what not.

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