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i'd buy you lemonade right now, if you were here... then i'd throw it in your face, and i'd listen to you cry!

as i was saying... rivers was in love with someone else. or at least using her for sex. he didn't even admit it to me, it was only when i found a love letter written in some scrawled kana-like-stuff that was SUPPOSED to look japanese. i was pissed.

since i had been a japanese student in my schooling years, i knew damned well that some half-japanese girl was trying to steal the affections of the one man in my life who meant anything.

it was time for me to lay down the rules of the forest.

when rivers returned from touring for his blue album [he called infrequently, but wrote often, always on extremely girly stationary that reminded me of something i'd get at the local asian import store... you know, the type with happy little frolicking & dancing koalas playing games and harassing small children.] i confronted him about the love letter. he assured me it was his desperate attempt at learning the language, disregarding the fact it had black lipstick lipmarks on it. "damn him, damn that gothy half-japanese girl..." i distinctly remembered muttering.

it didn't take much therapy for me to forgive my beloved rivers for lying to me. he's just too sexy to not forgive. mmm. rivers sex.

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